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At Pacific Grove Hospital, we have a premier 68-bed treatment center near Riverside & Corona, CA, dedicated to treating people who have depression and other types of mental health disorders.

Learn More About Depression Treatment

Learn more about depression treatment at Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside, CA

If you are struggling with depression, the sadness you feel may be so consuming that you’re unable to do much with yourself. Nearly 20 million adults in the United States are living with depression, a mental illness characterized by feelings of sadness and hopelessness that persist far longer than a normal bad day or week. Depression can suck the color out of your world, leaving you feeling isolated and alone, unable to perform even the simplest of daily tasks. You may be so overwhelmed with despair that life hardly feels worth living. Suicidal thoughts may flicker through your mind as you desperately search for a way to cope with these devastating emotions. Life doesn’t have to be tainted with depression – with the right treatment strategies, you can learn to lead a happy, productive life once again.

Pacific Grove Hospital offers private courtyards, lounges, and an attentive staff who understand that life with depression can feel hopeless. Our treatment clinic offers inpatient treatment for depression that allows you to regain control of your life and learn the ways to deal effectively with this very common, treatable mental health disorder. At Pacific Grove Hospital, you’ll be empowered through education, information, and care designed to return you to your pre-depression level of functioning.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for depression

If your loved one is struggling with depression, you’re probably struggling too. Depression impacts loved ones and family members alike. Watching someone you care deeply for become overwhelmed with sadness, despair, and hopelessness leaves you feeling helpless and sad. You may feel a mixture of emotions such as sadness, especially when you are unable to help your loved one see all the happiness in the world. Maybe you’re frustrated, leading you to feel guilty for being frustrated, as you know mental illness, such as depression, isn’t a choice or lifestyle. It’s time for your loved one to seek help from a treatment clinic for his or her depression. Here are some tips for guiding your loved one into treatment:

Learn about mental illness: Many people forget that mental illness is as real as a physical malady and must be treated as such. It can help to remember that it’s not a choice or anyone’s fault that your loved one is depressed – it’s a disorder that needs treatment to overcome.

Offer your love: People who are depressed often feel alone and isolated, even in a room full of people. Remind your loved one that he or she is loved always, no matter what. Keep reminding him or her of your love as you support him or her as he or she seeks treatment.

Make appointments at treatment clinics: People who are depressed often lack the motivation or ability to make good decisions and research treatment options by themselves. Call around or ask your primary care physician for recommendations for treatment centers. Make an appointment with an inpatient center and bring your loved one so that the clinic staff are able to answer any questions you or your loved one may have about inpatient depression treatment.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for depression at Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside, CA

If you’re struggling with untreated depression, life can feel hopeless. You may find it nearly impossible to get out of bed each morning to go to work or school, which can lead to major problems for your future. In an effort to handle the crushing despair, you may have resorted to using drugs or alcohol as a means to “self-medicate” the symptoms. This, in turn, may have led to addiction to drugs or alcohol, which only compounds the challenges for those who are depressed. You may have grown so despondent that suicide or hurting yourself in some way seems like the only way to end the tremendous burden of emotional pain you’re feeling. Life doesn’t have to be like this.

An inpatient treatment clinic for depression that combines medication with a range of therapeutic options has been determined to be the best way to recover from depression. Severe depression is a treatable mental illness that requires the dedication of an inpatient staff to ensure the safety and comfort of each client. The ability to leave behind the pressures and strains of home life offers clients the chance to focus their energy upon what matters most – healing from depression.

Our Philosophy

Pacific Grove Hospital philosophy and treatment benefits

Pacific Grove Hospital is a beautiful 68-bed behavioral healthcare facility that helps those aged 18 and older learn the tools necessary to make a successful recovery from depression. Located convenient to Riverside & Corona, CA, our treatment center strives to empower our clients through education and put each client in the driver’s seat of his or her recovery journey. Our clinic aims to include loved ones and family members in every step of the recovery journey as we understand the support of loved ones is critical for long-term success. Our patients understand that recovery from depression isn’t a quick fix; it’s the result of hard work and dedication by all involved in the client’s care. Pacific Grove Hospital provides hope for those who feel hopeless as we gently guide our clients through their recovery from depression.

Types of Treatment

Types of depression treatment offered at Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside, CA

When you come to Pacific Grove Hospital for treatment of depression, you’ll first undergo a battery of evaluations to determine how we can best help you begin to heal. The medical evaluation will diagnose and begin treatment for any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your disorder while our psychiatric assessment will help us diagnose any co-occurring, co-morbid disorders you may be facing. Your treatment team will take the results of these evaluations and sit down with you and your loved ones to create a plan of care that meets all of your needs – mind, body, and spirit.

Medication is often used in the treatment of depression as it allows for symptom management and the ability to focus upon your recovery. Medication such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety agents are rarely used in the short term, rather long-term medication management is usually best for treating depression. You’ll work closely with your treatment team to determine the proper doses and tweak medications as needed.

Individual therapy is a wonderful tool for people who have depression as it allows for private time to work with a therapist in discussing the reasons behind your depression, co-occurring disorders, and discuss the challenges in your life. Our therapists often use a technique called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which allows you to determine the ways in which negative thoughts can lead to negative behaviors. By correcting these negative thoughts you can, in turn, change your behaviors and the ways in which you view the world.

Group therapy is a hallmark of our clinic’s treatment approach to depression. Groups are held many times each day and cover a broad range of topics such as stress management, relapse prevention, and ways of coping with negative emotions. You’ll have the opportunity to socialize and bond with others who are similarly struggling with depression so that you each can grow, learn, and heal.

Family therapy is a facet of your therapy that may be the most vital to your sustained recovery efforts. Pacific Grove Hospital aims to include your loved ones in your care from the beginning of your stay with us in Riverside, CA, so they can learn more about depression, discover ways they can assist you during your recovery, and provide a loving support system for you. We’ll also allow your loved ones the ability to discuss the ways in which your depression has impacted their lives and refer them to available community resources as needed.

As we focus upon healing the whole person, not simply the symptoms of depression, Pacific Grove Hospital is proud to provide experiential healing methods that complement traditional therapeutic approaches. These include:

  • Art
  • Yoga
  • Ceramics
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Recreational therapy
  • Expressive therapy

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for depression

As your time at our treatment clinic draws to a close, we’ll work closely with you and your loved ones to create an aftercare plan that allows for continuity of care. Our discharge planner will help you and your loved ones ensure that you have a stable home environment and gainful employment opportunities. Many of our clients opt to step down from our inpatient therapy program to one of our intense outpatient programs: our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Both programs offer continued therapy and care during the day while allowing you to gradually reintegrate back into your home life in the evenings and on weekends. Some of our clients have made enough progress that they’re ready to discharge to home with referrals to standard outpatient therapy and applicable community resources.

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Everyone at Pacific Grove Hospital, from my assigned physician to the social workers were absolutely wonderful to work with. Groups were informative and useful- I learned and reinforced a lot of different coping skills.

– Brooke C.
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