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Pacific Grove Hospital, a premier mental health and addiction clinic near Riverside & Corona, CA, is focused on using evidence-based practices and treatment modalities throughout our outpatient program.

Outpatient Treatment Program Overview

At Pacific Grove Hospital, a premier mental health and addiction treatment clinic near Riverside & Corona, CA, we offer a partial hospitalization program for those individuals who no longer need the intense level of treatment provided in a program at an inpatient clinic and are stable enough to spend nights and weekends at home. Our partial hospitalization program is step-down-program designed to treat the continuing care needs of patients who are recovering from chemical dependency and a variety of mental health disorders.

Through a PHP we help ensure that our patients continue to meet and exceed their rehab goals as they slowly integrate back into family life and their communities.

Three Tracks Available

Within our partial hospitalization program, we have three tracks.  We have a psych track, which treats individuals with a psychological diagnosis such as depression, anxiety or Bipolar disorders, a chemical dependency track, which treats individuals struggling with addiction, and finally, we have a dual diagnosis track to treat those who have both mental health and addiction-related problems. At our clinic, our Partial Hospitalization Program is held Monday through Friday beginning each day at 8:15am and ends at 3:15pm.

Therapeutic Approaches

During the day patients are involved in a number of different therapeutic approaches including:

  • Process groups
  • Exercise
  • Educational groups
  • Nursing group
  • Individual sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Activities such as arts and crafts
  • Medication management

We utilize the Community Model as part of the treatment program, meeting with patients and staff to discuss programmatic issues, concerns, and new ideas.  We do this to empower our patients to become more assertive, and to encourage them to become an active participant in their own treatment and recovery. Through regularly scheduled therapy sessions, weekly meetings with your assigned doctor, licensed counselor, and therapist you will gain the skills needed to transition back into everyday life.

Intensive Outpatient Program

At our clinic, we offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that makes for a perfect step up from traditional outpatient therapy or an ideal step-down program from our inpatient program. We offer three different types of IOP programs, based upon the needs of the clients. Those who have psychiatric diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, or anxiety disorders will receive treatment in the same IOP program. Our second track is our chemical dependency track, which provides for the special needs of our clients facing addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our third track is our co-occurring, dual-diagnosis program treats people who are struggling with both an addiction and co-occurring, comorbid mental health disorder.

At our clinic, our Intensive Outpatient Group (IOP) meets in the morning and ends in the early afternoon, which allows our clients a fuller integration back into his or her community. Each of our IOP programs offers a daily process group, an exercise group, and either two educational groups or one educational group and an assignment group. Clients in our IOP program will meet once a week for individual therapy to discuss any problems that may have arisen outside the program. Additionally, clients in IOP will meet with a medical doctor once a week for medication management; those in our chemical dependency track will meet with a chemical dependency specialist to check up on each client’s progress. Our IOP is a wonderful tool for those who in need of structured treatment three times a week while focusing on rebuilding their lives using the skills he or she learned in our treatment program.

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If you would like to start the admissions process or learn more about our outpatient treatment programs, please contact our outpatient admissions team at (951) 261-8300.

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As a former patient I wanted to share my success with the staff members who helped me. I earned my certificate as a substance abuse counselor.

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