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Pacific Grove Hospital is a premier 68-bed treatment center near Riverside & Corona, CA, dedicated to treating people who struggle with cocaine addiction and other types of mental health disorders.

Learn More About Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Learn more about cocaine addiction treatment at Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside, CA

If you’re struggling with a cocaine addiction, you’re not alone – many people quickly get hooked on this extremely addictive stimulant. You may notice that your friends have deserted you, unable to watch you throw your life away. Family may not know how to react to your shifting moods – one moment you’re up, elated, talking everyone’s ear off and the next you’re depressed to the point of suicide. You may use cocaine in a binge fashion, snorting large amounts of the drug until you can’t physically do it any longer. When you’re high, you feel on top of the world, ready to work hard at your job, focusing on the smallest of details and finishing projects in record time. When you’re off coke, you may find that your concentration wanes and you’re unable to focus on your job, which can lead to problems with employment. Your romantic relationships may be in shambles as you find yourself unable to fulfill your obligations at home. You know that you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of cocaine abuse, hopelessly addicted to coke, unsure of how to get through the next day. There is a way. You can recover from cocaine addiction.

Pacific Grove Hospital is a premier full-service rehab clinic near Riverside & Corona, CA, dedicated to helping men and women age 18 and older recover from mental health disorders, which frequently co-occur with cocaine addiction, and chemical dependency. We’ve helped countless men and women successfully rehab from coke as he or she learns the 12-step model for addiction recovery in order to lead a sober, productive life. Our mission is to treat the whole person, not simply the symptoms of a disorder or addiction because we understand that each person who comes to us is a unique person who requires an individualized plan of care.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for cocaine addiction

You’ve probably been watching a while, unsure of what to do or how to help your loved one as he or she sinks deeper and deeper into addiction to cocaine. Perhaps you thought cocaine use would be a passing phase – something he or she was simply experimenting with. Soon, though, you noticed changes in your loved one – his or her moods were erratic, sometimes manic, he or she had a sudden need for money, or he or she was having trouble keeping up with obligations at work, home or school. You want to help your loved one get treatment for cocaine addiction but you may not know what to do or if you’ll make matters worse. Here are some suggestions for helping your loved one enter inpatient treatment for cocaine addiction:

Take care of yourself: Addiction is exhausting, mentally and physically, and you’re probably run ragged trying to do the right thing or rescue your loved one from the consequences of cocaine abuse. Take some time each day to do something just for you – a nice walk, a bubble bath, anything that helps you relax and refocus. Seek support through groups such as Nar-Anon, trusted loved ones, and a therapist.

Understand addiction and your role in itIt’s only natural to want to protect your loved one from the negative effects of his or her behaviors, but unfortunately, that’s not healthy for either of you. Stop making excuses for him or her and let your loved one feel the weight of the consequences. Take time to learn about addiction, co-dependency, and ways you can help your loved one enter treatment.

Research treatment options: An inpatient rehab clinic that specializes in the treatment of addiction is the best way to start the journey toward sobriety. Call different treatment clinics and see which one best matches your philosophy toward treatment. Make an appointment to speak with the intake staff and bring your loved one along to tour the rehab clinic.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for cocaine addiction at Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside, CA

Chronic cocaine abuse leads to problems in nearly every area of your life. You may realize that even those closest to you have backed away from you, unable to handle your addiction. You may have lost your job and become financially bankrupt, struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps your physical health is slowly declining as a result of your cocaine abuse. Maybe your mental state has deteriorated to the point that you hardly recognize yourself. It’s time to take the most important step of your life – seeking inpatient treatment for cocaine addiction.

An inpatient rehab clinic for cocaine addiction has been shown to be the most effective way to treat addiction to cocaine and other substances. Through inpatient treatment, you’ll receive efficient, effectual solutions to your challenges – a detox will allow you to safely rid your body of cocaine while other therapeutic approaches will help you learn to manage your addiction and develop the tools needed to rehab. You’ll be able to take a break from everyday stresses and place all your focus on what matters most – rehab.

Our Philosophy

Pacific Grove Hospital philosophy and treatment benefits

When you come to our rehab clinic, you’ll know that you’ve come to a place like no other. Our staff is devoted to helping all who come to us learn the skills necessary to lead a life free from drugs and alcohol. We firmly believe that each client holds the tools needed to take a central role in their recovery, and we work to empower our clients to take a central role in their treatment and rehab. As family support can be crucial for our clients as they begin their recovery journey, we include family and loved ones in every step of the treatment process. At our rehab clinic, you’ll receive care that meets all of your needs – mind, body, and soul.

Types of Treatment

Types of cocaine addiction treatment offered at Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside, CA

When you first come to us for treatment of your cocaine addiction, you’ll go through a variety of evaluations to allow us to gain better insight into your struggles and discover the best ways to help you rehab. The psychological evaluation will diagnose any co-occurring mental health disorders you may have while the physical exam will diagnose any health-related complications related to your cocaine addiction. We’ll take the results of these evaluations and work with you and your family to develop a treatment plan most appropriate for your unique needs.

Detox may be the first step in your rehab journey if your body has become dependent upon cocaine. At our clinic, we’ll safely and efficiently help your body detox from cocaine while ensuring your comfort through medication and around-the-clock supervision. During detox, you’ll be fully engaged in your 12-step rehab journey.

Medication may be used during detox at our rehab clinic to alleviate any unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal and slowly decreased as your body becomes accustomed to life without coke. Other people may have co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety disorders. All medication will be closely monitored by your treatment team and adjusted as needed.

Individual therapy provides you with the opportunity to work privately with a therapist at our rehab clinic who can help you develop strategies based off the 12-step model for addiction rehab to cope with cravings, triggers for abuse, and ways to deal with the problems cocaine abuse has caused in your life.

Group therapy is one of the hallmarks of addiction recovery. Through groups such as N.A. meetings, you’ll work with others struggling with addiction and other mental health disorders. Through group at our rehab clinic, you’ll work on the 12 steps, discuss ways you can manage the problems addiction has caused in your life, and redevelop social skills, and ways of interacting with other people.

Family therapy is extremely crucial during your recovery. Family support can make a tremendous difference in your recovery so we aim to include your loved ones in your care from the very beginning of your stay with us. At our rehab clinic, we encourage your loved ones to take active roles in your treatment and we use family sessions to open lines of communication, help mend strained relationships, and educate your loved ones about the disease of addiction.

In addition to traditional therapeutic methods, we also offer a variety of experiential methods designed to help heal the whole person. These may include:

  • Art
  • Yoga
  • Ceramics
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Recreational therapy
  • Expressive therapy

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for cocaine

As your time for discharge draws to a close, we’ll work closely with you and your loved ones to ensure that you have an appropriate aftercare plan in place before you leave our rehab clinic. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to ensure you have appropriate housing, access to available community resources, and help you find gainful employment, should you need it. Pacific Grove Hospital near Riverside & Corona, CA is proud to offer two continuing care options: our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Both our IOP and PHP treatment options offer you the chance to work on your recovery on an outpatient basis while slowly reintegrating back into your community in the evenings and on weekends. Some clients have made enough progress during their stay at our rehab clinic that they feel ready to discharge with referrals to traditional outpatient therapy and appropriate community resources.

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Pacific Grove Hospital changed my life. I struggled with major depression, severe social anxiety, and a panic disorder for several years, and I had hit rock bottom. I didn't think I would last the year. Coming here was the best decision I could have possibly made. I entered that program I depressed, sad, lonely person and came out a functioning, successful, happy adult.

– Kristen E.
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