Professional Referrals

At Pacific Grove Hospital, we pride ourselves on our relationships with other professionals. We value the roles our professional colleagues play in helping those who suffer from mental health illness and addiction, and we strive to make our admissions process as streamlined, efficient, and painless as possible.

Referral Source Overview

Pacific Grove Hospital accepts direct admissions from a variety of referral sources located in the community. Our friendly Intake staff is available 24-hours a day to pre-screen the direct admissions, consult with our physicians, and verify the insurance benefits for you. Our staff is fully knowledgeable about each one of our treatment programs and will be able to discuss them with you so you can determine whether what we offer is the best fit for your patient. You can also obtain additional information in order to present your recommendations for the referral to your patient. This way, should they prefer, clients can access treatment by calling our admissions department independently.

Starting the Referral Process

If it is determined that our treatment center is appropriate for your patient, once the appropriate level of care is determined we will begin the treatment process immediately. We are here to meet your needs and those of your patients, so please feel free to contact our staff with any questions or concerns.

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Our Admission staff does everything they can to make the referral process as smooth and easy as possible. We value all of our referral sources and understand how much you care about your patients.  It is important to us not only to provide the best available care for your patients but to regularly communicate with you to provide you with updates on your patient’s progress within the bounds of confidentiality.  We are also aware that you know your patient’s far better than we do when they arrive, and will request whatever information with which you can provide us that will better help us meet the needs of each individual referred to us. Together we will be able to help each patient obtain the bright happy future they deserve.

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Pacific Grove Hospital changed my life. I struggled with major depression, severe social anxiety, and a panic disorder for several years, and I had hit rock bottom. I didn't think I would last the year. Coming here was the best decision I could have possibly made. I entered that program I depressed, sad, lonely person and came out a functioning, successful, happy adult.

– Kristen E.
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