Pacific Grove Staff

Arleth Flores, MSW, ACSW

Outpatient Therapist

My name is Arleth and I’m a Clinical Therapist at Pacific Grove Hospital Outpatient Program. I’ve worked as a Psychiatric Social Worker for the hospital and then made the transition to the Outpatient Program. I work with individuals with co-occurring and other mental health disorders. I feel blessed to be part of the outpatient team and for providing a caring and welcoming environment. I enjoy working with patients in guiding them in reaching their treatment goals but most importantly I enjoy seeing patients as active participants in their own treatment whether they are in recovery or working on their mental health. I currently hold a Masters in Social Work from California Baptist University and a Bachelor of Science in Child Development from La Verne University. Some fun facts about me – I can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I’m a habitual reader and love dogs.

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