Psychiatric Treatment Program in Riverside, California

Pacific Grove Hospital is a full service, accredited psychiatric and chemical dependency hospital. We provide acute care for mental health disorders. We offer full and partial hospitalization programs.

Psychiatric Treatment Services include

  • Inpatient psychiatric treatment
  • Psychiatric or dual diagnosis partial hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • 12 Step Meetings, and
  • Psychiatric Support Groups

Psychiatric Treatment Programs

Our Psychiatric Services provide treatment programs for:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns – sleep is a fundamental part of the healing process
  • Various anxiety disorders (adjustment disorder, GAD, PTSD, Ob/Comp)– anxiety is at the heart of many disorders/dysfunctions
  • Personality Disorders – three main clusters: odd/eccentric, dramatic/erratic, anxious/fearful
  • Depression Chronic or Acute
  • Bipolar disorders– single episode, chronic, rapid cycling, and understanding an individual´s pattern
  • Impulsive behaviors disorders (i.e., increased spending, relationship issues, compromises in trust)
  • Management of life stressors
  • Chronic pain management, and how pain influences emotional states and functionality
  • Grief management – as a reaction to a death, divorce, or retirement
  • Loss management – as a reaction to a change in a relationship, living circumstances, financial concerns

Psychiatric Hospital Care

Psychiatric hospital care is indicated when people experience such severe emotional and physical pain and dysfunction, that coping with life’s challenges is overwhelming. Sometimes the intensity of the stressor triggers the illness and often the illness itself is the trigger.

Private Hospital Campus

Our private hospital campus treats voluntary patients who are motivated to partner with our staff for the restoration of their pre-illness level of functioning. In addition, our Whole Person Care approach is designed to enhance competence in managing ones illness and life as a whole.

Safe and effect treatments for serious conditions, such as suicidal depression, bipolar, and psychotic states are available at our hospital. Our staff is especially skilled at treating dual diagnosis problems, treatment resistant depression, rapid cycling, mixed bipolar disorder, and severe anxiety conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder.

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