Alumni Program

At Pacific Grove Hospital, we’re proud to offer an alumni group for former patients, their family, and loved ones. While we understand that recovering from mental illness or addiction can be a tremendously challenging time, with support from others who are facing similar challenges, you are able to remain on your path of healing. Pacific Grove strongly suggests using others that you meet as a way to increase social interactions, bond with one another, and work toward finding solutions to the problems you face. Through the various therapeutic techniques you will experience during your stay with us, you’ll form relationships with other clients, support staff, and their families. When you leave our program to return to your community, you may want to remain in touch with those who helped you through your darkest days. This is why Pacific Grove Hospital has created an alumni program on our beautiful, sprawling 4.5 acre campus.

We understand that much of the healing and hard work on your journey to recovery is done once you leave our doors and who better to celebrate your successes and accomplishments post-discharge than with those who helped you? Pacific Grove Hospital hosts weekly alumni meetings, special events retreats, summertime BBQ’s, and more. Our weekly alumni meeting is held each Tuesday evening at 6PM in our very own alumni courtyard.

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