Premier Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Clinic, Serving Riverside & Corona, CA

At Pacific Grove Hospital, a premier co-occurring disorder treatment center and clinic near Riverside & Corona, CA, we treat men and women struggling with behavioral health and chemical dependency. We firmly work to empower each person who comes to us as he or she must play the leading role in his or her treatment for co-occurring disorders. Many men and women who come to our clinic trying to live with mental health disorders or chemical dependency issues are facing far more challenges than simply their presenting symptoms. People who are diagnosed with a combination of two or more mental health or substance abuse disorders meet the criteria to enter our co-occurring disorders treatment center. For clients struggling with dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders, we offer an integrated approach to treatment that meets the needs of all the diagnosed disorders.

When clients come to our clinic they will undergo a variety of assessment to help determine if they are struggling with more than one type of mental illness or a combination of mental illness and substance abuse. If it is discovered during these examinations that a client has one or more co-occurring disorders in addition to the symptoms of the presenting disorder, we will use this information to create a treatment plan. The treatment plan will be created specifically for each client and will include immediate and ongoing treatment of all disorders in a holistic manner. Treatment options for co-occurring disorders may include detox, medication, and a wide array of therapeutic techniques designed to heal the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

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